About Rank Ride

RANK RIDE is the result of a vision Bonner Bolton created to help progress the sport of professional bull riding. Bonner was raised on a ranch in west Texas and is a former champion professional bull rider.  He began bull riding at age 10, later attending college on bull riding scholarships attending Odessa college and Texas Tech University and turning professional at age 18.  Bonner became a world champion in 2007 at the age of 20.  After suffering through a torn bicep and an elbow surgery and a broken clavicle he had finally made his way back on PBR tour after many years of rebuilding himself. At the end of 2015, Bonner was 5th in the PBR world rankings.   Coming into the 2016 PBR season opener, Bonner was ranked No. 1 in the world when, tragically, he suffered a broken neck in the season opening event and was paralyzed from the neck down.  


Not willing to accept this fate, after surgery, Bonner spent over a year in rehabilitation, achieving near full mobility and recovery from the injury. Taking on new challenges, Bonner signed with IMG Models which was a result of his injuries in PBR and later become known for:

• Acting as a movie stunt double for the “Longest Ride” motion picture

• Participating as a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”

• Becoming the celebrity spokesman for American Eagle jeans and Tom Ford fragrances Saks Fifth Avenue department stores and Ralph Lauren.


Rank Ride represents Bolton’s vision of taking the fantasy sports industry into extreme sports and provides a vehicle for him to give back to fans and injured athletes in the sport that he loves.


Extreme sports have been ignored by the major fantasy sports producers who have focused on the traditional sports such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball.  Rank Ride has a unique focus on the extreme sport of Bull Riding that provides exploitation of virgin ground for online sports competition.  Not only will we exploit new sports, we also grow those sports through our unique approach.

• Any players can compete online for free which gets them more engaged with the sport and online competition

• Players can also subscribe through the Rank Ride store to allow access to special subscription areas of the website. The subscription areas will provide more interactive content and special promotions allow for the player to have a enhanced experience.


As a result, the sport itself gets more exposure and increases its fan base.