Scoring:  Individual Riders and Bulls

Rank Ride offers a unique approach to scoring teams, riders and bulls for fantasy competitions.  We start with the scores obtained in the competition event. But, while the live event only allows scoring if a rider completes a “qualified” ride (a ride lasting 8 seconds), Rank Ride provides for scoring for non-qualified rides to both the rider and the bull.  For riders, a unique algorithm provides scores of decreasing value vs. time for non-qualified rides (those lasting less than 8 seconds).  Thus, a ride lasting 7 seconds scores less than a qualified ride, it will score better than a ride lasting only 4 seconds.  For bulls, the scoring is the inverse.  Buck-offs in 7 seconds score less than buck-offs lasting 4 seconds.

In addition, Rank Ride utilizes a handicapping system for the riders and bulls reminiscent of the handicapping system used in amateur golf.  In our system riders and bulls are divided into 3 tiers for each contest based on their current world ranking.  The top tier (Tier 1) represents the current leaders from recent competitions that have entered the event, Tier 2 represents the middle 33% of riders and bulls entered, while Tier 3 represents the bottom 33% of entries for the event.  Bulls and riders in the Tier 2 group receive a small bonus to their score while those in Tier 3 receive a slightly higher bonus.

This overall approach to scoring provides for a leveled playing field between the top riders and the up and coming riders on the tour.  The overall algorithm is proprietary to Rank Ride and is subject to update as more knowledge is gained through competition experiences.  However, in no case will the algorithm be changed once an event has been opened for entries of contests.

Scoring: Teams

Single Round Contests:  For contests covering only a single round of competition such as “15 on 15” or “Round 1 Only”, team scores will be the total of the individual riders and bulls competing in the round.

Multiple Round Contests:  For contests covering multiple rounds of competition the team scores will include the scores from all rounds for the rider and bull.  In the event that a bull is featured in more than one outing, only the highest scoring round for that bull will be used.

Regular Weekly Event Payouts

  1. 1: $100
  2. 2: $90
  3. 3: $80